What is a medical negligence?

Medical negligence means a breach of the doctor's duty of care of their patient. It generally occurs when the doctor acts against the standards of medical science during, before and after the medical intervention.

Although we encounter medical negligence cases in many fields of medical science; weight loss surgeries, BBL, tummy tuck, liposuction, hair transplantation, breast reduction and implant are the most common reasons patients enquiring about.

What we do

Contact us to learn your eligibility for a medical negligence case

Free assessment

If you have the slightest doubt about the operation you have had out in Turkey, our expert Turkish and English fluent lawyers are conducting a free assessment for you. With this assessment, they let you know if you have a case worth pursuing.


After deciding how much compensation to claim with you, starting the litigation process with your instruction.


To participate in hearings in Turkey as your representatives, to present petitions and to have the evidence collected.


To share updates with you after each petitions, hearing, expert examinations, to inform you about what the next developments could be. 

Finalisation of the case

If the court and expert decide that there has been a medical negligence, to collect the amount of legal compensation from the defendants for you. 

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